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The DC Universe Animated Original Movies (also known as DC Universe Original Movies or DC Universe Movies) are a series of American direct-to-video superhero animated films based on the DC Comics characters and stories produced primarily by Warner Bros. Animation. The films are usually stand-alone projects that are either adaptations of popular works or original stories. From 2013 to 2020, the DC Animated Movie Universe was a sub-series featuring several movies that took place in a shared universe, influenced predominantly from The New 52. They are usually made for an older audience compared to the DC animated universe and other projects, and also featuring DCAU alumni such as Bruce Timm, who mainly served as executive producer or as producer until Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, before returning since Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

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Justice league : Throne of atlantis (2015)

Batman vs Robin (2015)

Batman : Bad blood (2016)

Justice league dark (2017)

Teen titans : The judas contract (2017)

Batman and harley quinn (2017)

Batman : Gotham by gaslight (2018)

Suicide squad : Hell to pay (2018)

The death of superman (2018)

Reign of superman (2019)

Justice league vs the fatal five (2019)

Batman : Hush (2019)

Wonderwomen : Bloodlines (2019)

Superman : Red Son (2020)

Justice league dark : Apokolips war (2020)

Superman: Man of tomorrow (2020)


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