Facebook dark mode disappeared from Android app after recent update? Here’s how to fix

We’re here to save your battery life – and your eyes

Facebook recently introduced the dark mode theme in its application on iOS and Android after beta testing the feature for a while.

Not only does a dark mode help reduce eye strain, but it also helps reduce battery drain on devices with AMOLED screens.

While users have been able to use the feature without any hiccups all this while, it now appears that many Facebook users with the Android app are reporting that the dark mode option has been removed or disappeared.

Reports suggest that the dark mode option was removed after a recent update to the Facebook app. However, we aren’t able to pinpoint the exact version that potentially removed it.

Some disgruntled users have even taken to the Google Play Store to spread the word about the removal of the dark mode from the Facebook app for Android.

Facebook is yet to share any details regarding the sudden removal of dark mode from its Android app.

That said, there are a few workarounds that you may try in order to get the dark mode up and running in the app again.

Workarounds to enable dark mode in Facebook on Android

The workarounds include some troubleshooting steps as well. Hence, you should first try out the quick troubleshooting steps to see whether it fixes the issue or not.

Clear app data and cache: Go to Settings and tap on Apps (label may vary based on your OEM skin), then tap on Facebook and select Storage. Clear the cache and data and restart the app.

In case you still aren’t able to get dark mode on your Facebook app for Android, try out the other workarounds listed below.

Install an older version: To do this, you will need to download an older version of the Facebook app on which the dark mode still works. A Redditor has confirmed that they got it to work on version 317. of the app.

You can download the APK file by heading here.

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