Google drive movies

How to download google drive movies ?


Step 1 . First of all search gdrivemovies on google search .

Step 2 . You will see website named gdrivemovies.xyz

Step 3 . Click on gdrivemovies.xyz

Step 4 . Search the specific movie you want to download and click on that movie , after you will find the movie on gdrivemovies.xyz scroll down and click on download button .

Step 5 . After clicking on download button you will see a gdtot link , sign in on gdtot website and you will see a google drive link from where you will see your movie link , after you will open movie link open your google drive and you will see that movie in you google drive in gdtot folder .

Step 6 . Open gdtot folder and click on that movie that is grabbed from gdtot link .

Step 7 . Right click on that movie on google drive and click on make a copy of movie , and then a duplicate file will be created , now you an right click on that duplicate file and then a download movie option is created there.

Step 8. Click on download and your google drive movie download will be started .

These are the ways by which you can download google drive movies without any quota warning .

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